Interviews untill now

Annette Henne

Ben Rivers

Chris von Bayer

Hannah Fox

Jo Salas

Jonathan Fox

Joszef Paradi

Judy Swallow

Kayo Munataka

Paeivi Rahmel

Paul Mc Issac

Pontus Holgrem

Shirley Legum

Synne Plantander

Virginia Soares

Participants of

2015 Buckden – Playback Theatre Supervision

2014 European Playback Theatre Gathering Amsterdam

2015 German Speaking Playback Theatre School

True heart Theatre - London

Theater X – Sweden

Big Apple Theatre – N.Y.

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More Than Entertainment

You know that call to do something, which you couldn't imagine? Also doing something that hopefully support the development of the society? As a Playback Theatre person you may know what I mean. After 20 years of performing I decided to make a movie about this unique kind of theatre, of social communication, that is bringing people together all over the world. And it was not an easy decision to start that project. I know about the sacred and intimate space of a performance and how harshly the pictures of stagework could look like. But I trusted in my sensitivity and experience as a practitioner.

So I started with a little budget that needs to be filled up many times, so that I could continue. Three years of work are behind me and now is the time to announce the project. In the middle of 2018 it will be ready and the film about Playback Theatre available. It contains pictures of performances, workshops, gatherings, interviews taking place in different countries and languages with practitioners and the founders. The goal of this project is spreading Playback Theatre into the world, making it much more public and supporting the global movement. I will share my next steps with you on facebook and will show you some first trailers. There also will be a homepage and a crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to all of you who gave me support and strength to carry on.
Lots of love to you all in the world.

Markus Huehn, Germany